Conference interpretation is an activity that combines the love of languages with the intellectual challenge that the activity in itself entails. The interpreter has to understand the speaker’s discourse in the source language, capture its essence and its subtleties and faithfully express it in the target language.

Only a professional interpreter with experience knows the kind of interpretation that is appropriate at any given moment. That is why each congress, meeting or presentation provides us with incentive  for further improvement and continual learning.

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Conference interpretation is a highly attractive, but simultaneously difficult and demanding profession which requires very specific preparation. Our greatest passion is training conference interpreters. It is based on 14 years experience of teaching conference interpretation techniques and on the knowledge acquired as teachers and working professional interpreters.

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Whether you wish to make a success of your event or meeting and obtain the maximum information or knowledge available in it, without letting language get in your way or you want to make yourself understood with precision and quality language, TamTán offers you a complete service of conference interpretation in each of its modalities among which we highlight the following:

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At TamTán we undertake the translation of texts in any combination of languages.

Our team of collaborators is specialised in general, technical and legal translations for companies, organisations, individuals and institutions.

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