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What’s the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation?

In consecutive interpretation the interpreter takes notes while the speaker speaks and then re-phrases the discourse using these notes. In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter, from inside a cabin and supported by sound equipment, translates the discourse heard through headphones, at almost the same time as the discourse is received

How many hours can an interpreter work alone?

Given the intensity of the concentration that is required, an interpreter cannot work for more than an hour and a half alone, both on account of health and safety conditions and because of the quality of the work.

Do the speeches need to be sent to the interpreter before the congress?

It is thoroughly recommendable so that the interpreter can prepare and give the best presentation possible.

How many official languages can be worked with at a meeting?

With as many as are considered necessary. Meetings often have several official languages.

How can the number of interpreters for a meeting be calculated?

The question of how many participants there are is indifferent. If the meeting requires consecutive interpretation, one interpreter is enough, if it is simultaneous and lasts for more than an hour and a half, two will be needed.

Can any graduate be a conference interpreter?

Yes, as long as they have an thorough knowledge of two or more languages and have received training as an interpreter.

What level of language knowledge is the minimum to access the training programme?

A very high level, since they will have to understand a complex message belonging to distinct professional areas (law, medicine, economy, politics etc.) in the source language within a very short space of time and translate it to the target language and vice-versa.

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Conference interpretation is a highly attractive, but simultaneously difficult and demanding profession.


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