About Tamtán

Conference interpretation is an activity that combines the love of languages with the intellectual challenge that the activity in itself entails. The interpreter has to understand the speaker’s discourse in the source language, capture its essence and its subtleties and faithfully express it in the target language.

Only a professional interpreter with experience knows the kind of interpretation that is appropriate at any given moment. That is why each congress, meeting or presentation provides us with incentive  for further improvement and continual learning.

TamTán is a translation and interpretation agency that offers a complete range both in terms of interpretation and translation services as well as student and professional training.

Diana SoliverdiDiana Soliverdi, a lover of languages and linguistic phenomena with more than 20 years of experience in the field, is the director of TamTán’s team of interpreters, translators and teachers. Her main motivation is to be able to transmit the knowledge and techniques acquired throughout the course of her studies and the thousands of hours of practice.

Diana is a conference interpreter, translator and teacher of interpretation. She belongs to AICE and is a member of its committee for training and university relations. She has worked as an interpreter and translator for the Spanish government, the European Commission, UNESCO, INTERCENTER (International Centre of Sociological, Penal and Penitentiary Research and Studies), the Hague Tribunal, the World Bank, and the Prado Museum, among other entities.

Diana gave classes for the MA in Interpretation at Cluny-I.S.E.I.T.(Catholic University of Paris) in Madrid for 10 years , the last two of which she was its director. She has been giving interpretation courses in the Faculty of Interpreters and Translators of Messina (Italy) for 11 years. Since 2010 she has imparted courses in French-Spanish consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

At TamTán we offer you the solution that mosts suits your needs.


We offer an interpreter service so that the language does not obstruct your meeting or event.


At TamTán we undertake the translation of texts in any combination of languages.


Conference interpretation is a highly attractive, but simultaneously difficult and demanding profession.


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