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Interpreters and translators

Interpretation and translation in Madrid

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, sworn translation, training for conference interpreters

interprete de conferencias

30 years of experience AICE Member

(Association of Conference Interpreters of Spain)


Interpretation and Translation Services

If you want your event or meeting to be a success and you want to get the most of the information or knowledge shared, without language being a barrier, or if you want to make yourself understood accurately and with a language of quality, Tamtán offers the following interpretation services:

interpretes profesionales

interpretation and translation in madrid

Professional interpreters

Conference interpretation is an activity combining the love for languages with the intellectual challenge the activity in itself is. The interpreter must understand the speech of the speaker in the original language, get the essence and the nuances and express it accurately in the target language.

Only a professional interpreter with experience knows what kind of interpretation is needed at each time. That is why each congress, meeting, presentation represents a stimulus and a possibility to improve and to constantly learn for us.

At TamTán we provide a comprehensive response both in interpretation and translation services as in training for students and professionals.


More than 30 years of experience

Transmitting the knowledge and the techniques acquired through time, by studying and with thousands of hours of practice, supervising the process of each student in a customised way is Diana Soliverdi’s main motivation. She is a passionate of the linguistic phenomenon and of languages, with more than 30 years of experience. She is the Manager of the team of interpreters, translators and teachers of TamTán.

cursos de interpretacion simultanea

Diana Soliverdi

Interpreter and Interpretation Teacher

Diana is a conference interpreter since 1992, member of the Management Board of AICE (Association of Conference Interpreters of Spain). She is of Spanish nationality, works with Italian, French, English and Spanish. We regularly works in remote Interpretations.

She has a Degree in Hispanic Philology by the Complutense University of Madrid. Training in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in courses organized by professional interpreters. Sworn translator of Italian and French by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

Our training offer focuses on 2 types of courses

Conference interpreter Summer Course and Conference Interpretation Specialisation Course (Official Degree by the UAM)