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Simultaneous interpretation

The Interpreter Speaks from a Booth, Translating the Speech in Real Time (With a Slight Delay Versus the Speaker).

This technique requires a big mental effort and interpreters always work in pairs. It is necessary to have specific information on the subject of the conference, meeting or speech in advance in order to prepare and provide a quality service.

Outstanding missions

  • Speech by H.M the King Juan Carlos I at the Italian Parliament and Senate. Simultaneous interpretation Italian – Spanishfor TVE
  • Conference for Peace in Algeria. Simultaneous interpretation French - Spanish
  • UNESCO study sessions. Simultaneous interpretation French - Spanish
  • Interpretation for the U.I.M.P Summer courses (French – Italian – Spanish)
  • Interpretation for Summer Courses at Complutense University in Madrid, Euroforum. (French – Italian – Spanish)

consecutive Interpretation

The conference interpreter takes the complete ideas expressed by the speaker and re-elaborates the discourse.

Consecutive interpretation is our flagship, we are specialists, with 20 years of experience both “on the stage” as in class. It is a technique which is as complicated or even more complicated than simultaneous interpretation and it requires mastering a specific method. Consecutive interpreting has its own note-taking technique. The work is always done by the side of the speaker and facing the audience, so it is fundamental that the interpreter knows how to behave on stage.

traduccion jurada italiano espanol y viceversa

Outstanding missions

  • Bilateral meeting between the Government Delegate for Spanish foreigners and his Moroccan counterpart. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation French - Spanish
  • Bilateral meeting between the French Minister of Public Works and his Spanish counterpart
  • Dayton Peace Accords Summit. Consecutive interpreting Italian - Spanish 
  • Presentation of the film “El tigre y la Nieve” by Roberto Benigni. Consecutive interpreting Italian - Spanish 
  • Presentation of the film “Manuale d´amore” by Giovanni Veronesi. Consecutive interpreting Italian - Spanish 
  • Interviews for the presentation of the film “Tea with Mussolini” with the film director Franco Zefirelli. Consecutive interpreting Italian - Spanish
  • Presentation of the book Guides to Museums by art critic Noah Charney. Consecutive interpreting English  - Spanish
  • Lonely Planet guides presentation by its founder Tony Wheeler. Consecutive interpreting English - Spanish
traduccion jurada italiano espanol y viceversa

Chuchotage and Liaison Interpretation

In the world of conference interpreting, Chuchotage (whispered interpretation) and Liaison interpreting are other techniques, but feel free to call us and we will talk about your needs, we will help you to choose the best solution.

At TamTán not only are we specialists on interpretation but we also take care of other aspects of the non-verbal communication to the maximum. The image of our interpreters is essential as we are fully aware that we are also part of the image of our clients and their communication structure.