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Interpreter Training

Training conference interpreters is our biggest passion.

The training is based on the experience of fourteen years teaching conference interpretation techniques and on the responsibility of transmitting both the professionals and the students the knowledge acquired as trainers and active professional interpreters.

Conference interpretation is a very attractive occupation, but it is difficult and demanding at the same time. It requires a very specific training.

At TamTán only active professional interpreters do the trainings, native in the different languages we work with, with teaching experience.

Training Method

Our training programme aims at providing the professional skills in order to become a conference interpreter.

The base of all our work lies in the following of a fundamental principle: Practice, practice and practice, both in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

95% of the hours of the courses are practical, working with current topics and speeches. Teachers prepare the topics that will be dealt with at class beforehand, using audio-visual material of real cases.

TamTán only organises select and small groups depending on the homogeneous level of knowledge of the participants. The training is fully personalised and adapted to each student. Students are followed-up all through the course so they can make the most of their competences and skills.

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Chuchotage and Liaison interpretation

In the world of conference interpreting, Chuchotage (whispered interpretation) and Liaison interpreting are other techniques, but feel free to call us and we will talk about your needs, we will help you to choose the best solution.

At TamTán not only are we specialists on interpretation but we also take care of other aspects of the non-verbal communication to the maximum. The image of our interpreters is essential as we are fully aware that we are also part of the image of our clients and their communication structure.

Our training offer focuses on 2 types of courses

Conference Interpretation Course and Short Specialization Course